First Solar new logo on a background image of a group of young girls running toward the sun during sunset hour in a wheat field
Art Direction: Emily Oberman, Jase Hueser
Design: Joey Chen
This is a rebranding concept for First Solar.
First Solar’s is known for their advanced thin film photovoltaic (PV) technology, PV modules produce more power with smaller environment impact than the traditional solar modules, which result in the best environmental profile in the industry. They have a global recycling program that recovers up to 90% of the semiconductor glass, so they can be use for new modules and new glass products. Their mission is to provide clean, affordable and reliable solar electricity with the least environmental impact.
First Solar logo design on different background colors
First Solar logo mark gif
First Solar logo animation
First Solar font edit animation
First Solar icon design
First Solar billboard design
First Solar uniform and safety hat design
First Solar Id badge design
First Solar wayfinding mockup
First Solar outdoor ad animation
First Solar facebook cover image design