Fort Greene park stationery
Art Direction: Emily Oberman, Jase Hueser
Design: Joey Chen

This is a rebranding concept for Fort Greene Park.

Fort Greene park is located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The area was served as the location of a strategic fort during the Revolutionary war. In 1847, it has repurposed into Brooklyn's first park. The current logo combines the iconic doric column (a memorial for the Prison Ship Martyrs) with tree leaves to highlight the different greenery around the park. Yet, it is lacking the fun spirit that the park offers for the local communities, so I want to create a more modern and friendly logo. ​​​​​​​
Fort Greene Park logo explanation
Fort Greene Park iconography design
Fort Greene Park map design
Fort Greene Park banner design
Fort Greene Park plant sign design mockup
Fort Greene Park greenmarket design mockup
Fort Greene Park basketball court mockup